Opportunity to become bilingual!

Every child deserves the opportunity to become bilingual!

Speaking more than one language is no longer a nice-to-have. It is a crucial necessity. The world our children will live in will be very different than the one we have known. Children need to be equipped with skills for their future world. Cultures from around the globe will interact more than ever before. There is a call to action to prepare students for the 21st Century. Spanish for Kids can help equip children with the important language skills they will need, all while having fun!

At Spanish for Kids we believe fun learning is the best learning. We use research on brain-based learning to create fun lessons that engage the brain, making the language easier to absorb. Since 2003 we have brought the Spanish language and cultures to life for thousands of children. Our classes are full of movement, stories, songs and games – all in the Spanish language. Engaging and interactive lessons are at the heart of our program.

Brain-based research shows that languages are best learned when connections are made to the child’s life in a meaningful way. Therefore, we put the child’s world at the center of our lessons. We use interest surveys to get to know our students so that we can incorporate their interests into our lessons. We also incorporate what children are learning in their classrooms at school into our learning activities. Combining brain-based research, experienced teachers, connections to your child’s world and fun activities, Spanish for Kids makes language learning enjoyable and effective!