Bring A Program To Your School

Every child deserves the opportunity to become bilingual!

In our ever-changing global society, EVERY child will need the skill of speaking across borders. Spanish for Kids empowers kids with brain-based foreign language learning and exposes children to different world and cultural views. Our children will interact with people from all over the globe and being exposed to other cultures will help ensure that they will be the global citizens they will need to be.

Bringing Spanish for Kids to your school or organization is easy.

We offer Spanish classes as well as cultural lessons to students in Pre-K through 5th grade. We supply the curriculum, teachers and assessments to fully implement Spanish classes. There are 2 choices for bringing Spanish for Kids to your school or organization:

Co-curricular option

The co-curricular option involves Spanish for Kids coming to your school or organization and providing our Spanish language and cultural classes during the school day.

A partnership is formed between Spanish for Kids and the school in which our services are contracted to the school and Spanish for Kids’ programming is paid for by the school. Frequency of lessons, days and times are agreed upon and we provide teachers, curriculum and assessment on the agreed upon days. Teachers are trained, screened and monitored and are native or near native speakers of the language. This is truly a hassle free way to offer Spanish at your school without having to guess at which curriculum would be best for your students. Also, many Spanish programs in elementary schools are at the mercy of the quality of the particular teacher. If a great teacher leaves, so does the quality of the program in many cases. Spanish for Kids has a consistent, planned program that is easy for teachers to follow and engaging for the students. The quality is in the programming, and the teachers are engaging as well!

After School Program

Spanish for Kids also offers after school programming. Our teachers come to your school on agreed upon days/times after school.

We supply teachers, curriculum, materials and sign up procedures. We offer classes once a week. Parents sign their student up for classes and pay Spanish for Kids directly. Spanish for Kids handles all aspects of registration and enrollment. Completely hassle-free process for schools. We only need a room large enough to accommodate the enrolled students and a location to place an envelope for registration forms. We also carry liability insurance for our programs. The after-school program is a great way to be able to offer a foreign language at your school that is convenient for parents and comfortable for students as they learn Spanish in a familiar environment.


We believe in giving back to our school communities. Therefore, 5% of all proceeds from our after-school program goes to the PTO as a fundraiser.

Contact us today at 630-768-5885 to bring Spanish for Kids to your school!