About Us

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Celeste Green, founder of Spanish for Kids

Celeste Green, founder of Spanish for Kids, has been teaching Spanish to young children for over 20 years. She began her career teaching kindergarten in a Spanish immersion school in southwest Detroit. She marveled at the ability of children to acquire a second language at a young age. She saw the spark in children’s eyes as they experimented with a new language and experienced different cultures. Celeste realized within her first year of teaching that this was her passion.

Maestra Green as she is called by her students, moved from Michigan to Naperville, Illinois in 2003 where she decided to leave the public school classroom so that she could realize her dream of making language learning available to as many students as possible. She saw the lack of foreign language classes in elementary schools and set out to fill that void. Celeste knew that the early years are the best opportunity for children to learn another language yet many school districts were not offering foreign language classes until middle school or later. Using her years of teaching experience, extensive training through world language conferences and her passion, she created Spanish for Kids, LLC.

Spanish for Kids, LLC has had the honor of introducing the Spanish language and cultures to thousands of children in Illinois, Georgia and Michigan. The program has been offered during the school day via contracted service with school districts as well as via after school programming. Students exit the program with a love for the Spanish language and cultures and a foundation on which to continue to build Spanish language skills.

Spanish for Kids, LLC provides teachers, curriculum, assessment and all materials to provide engaging, fun and interactive Spanish classes to students from preschool to 5th grade. Maestra Green personally trains all teachers and observes classes throughout the year.

Maestra Green

Maestra Green with one of her first kindergarten students, Donovan Bullock. Donovan is now bilingual and a very successful college graduate who is well equipped for our global society!

Maestra Green holds a bachelors degree in Spanish as well as a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Wayne State University.

She has traveled extensively to Spanish speaking countries and lived abroad as she immersed herself in the rich cultures of Spanish speaking countries. Her travels include Madrid, Spain, Puerto Rico, Honduras as well as 16 cities in various parts of Mexico.